Three new items, minor typo fixes

So I tried actually printing this as a booklet, realised the number of pages wasn't a multiple of four, and that the page numberings were in the middle near the spine! Sorry about that.

Those problems should be fixed, and there are now separate PDFs: one for screen use, the other with pages pre-arranged into a booklet in case your printer or PDF-reading software can't do that for you.

I wrote three new items to round out the zine:

  • Ipsissimo's Black Goose
  • Jan Jo's Tea Kettle
  • Urn of Bound Souls


dearly-departed-v1-1-screen.pdf 729 kB
Oct 23, 2019
dearly-departed-v1-1-booklet.pdf 717 kB
Oct 23, 2019
dearly-departed-v1-1.html 24 kB
Oct 23, 2019

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