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These minis are by the wonderful Anna Aphelion (@viiith_nerve). They didn't have an itch account at the time and asked me to host them.

EDIT: They have an itch account now with more RPG assets -- you can check it out here, or visit their wordpress portfolio.

There are 27 minis in total, each with a front and back illustration. They are suited for 1-inch scale, with a separate file containing 2-inch minis to represent "Large" creatures.

Two files are currently available, one with grey cutting guides and one without. Both have hand-drawn vertical fold lines.

To assemble:

  1. Print the mini sheets at 100% scale
  2. Cut out each mini by cutting straight lines between the black triangular cutting guides. The files are available with or without grey lines connecting the cutting guides, in case you don't have a ruler handy
  3. Fold (or cut) each mini in half along the dashed black line.
  4. (optional) Give the minis some stiffness. I like using corrugated cardboard from moving boxes — they slot into Pathfinder® pawn bases really nicely.

I will be working on some alternative files in the next few days.

These minis are for personal use. You may use them in a streamed game as long as you credit Anna Aphelion. If you want to use the images in a published game (regardless of whether it's commercial or not), please contact Anna or myself for a licensing agreement.

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aphelion minis 1 inch A4 no cut lines.pdf 2 MB
aphelion minis 1 inch A4 with cut lines.pdf 2 MB
aphelion minis 2 inch A4 no cut lines.pdf 7 MB
aphelion minis 2 inch A4 with cut lines.pdf 7 MB

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