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A life-sized diplodocus statue painted lemon-yellow, that holds a strategic view of the whole valley. Once a roadside attraction, it marks the site of a long-abandoned reptile park. Reptiles, snakes, and spiders — the descendants of the park’s exotic attractions — prey on unwary travelers. But the fort is well-guarded, and a humble village now shelters under its rounded bulk.

Fort Ploddy is the ancestral seat of Baron von Whiskers. Its library has drawn an entourage of squabbling dinomancers. They bring the Baron prestige and shower him with tribute, but their vexatious demands and petty rivalries make him wonder if they may prove to be a poisoned chalice.

This is an adventure site written for Mausritter. It comes as a 2-page PDF suitable for viewing on a screen, or for printing double-sided onto a piece of A4 paper (flip on short edge) and folding into a tri-fold pamphlet.

An unlabelled map of the fort is included for use on your virtual tabletop platform of choice. An html & epub version suitable for screen reader use is forthcoming.

Fort Ploddy features:

  • 22 short descriptions of NPCs to befriend, swindle, or woo
  • A new faction for your hexcrawl, the dinomancers, with two new spells for adventuring mice to discover
  • CC BY 4.0 text for you to remix elsewhere
  • Absolutely zero playtesting

There's a known text fuzziness issue (affecting only the side with the fort map) that happens if the PDF is viewed and printed from Firefox. It prints fine from Microsoft Edge, I haven't tested other PDF viewing software.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
Tagsdinomancers, mausritter, sword-dream


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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