Full 36 items, printed zine soon available!

The full set of 36 items has just been uploaded. As before, they're free for anyone to read and/or remix.

An illustrated PDF is also now available. People who have already donated to Gallimaufry should just be able to download it. If not, let me know.

I've ordered a tentative 50 print copies of the physical zine. They haven't arrived yet but if you enjoy the PDF and would like a copy, stay tuned for updates on that front. There won't be any scarcity; if they somehow all sell out I will print more.

Yes, that is in fact a new cross stitched logo on the zine cover, not just a recolour of the old cross stitch. I lost the original :S

To everyone who donated even though the content was all free, thank you <3.


gallimaufry v1 25-01-21.pdf 7 MB
Jan 30, 2021

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