Print copies now available at my gumroad store! It ships from Australia, so unfortunately shipping is costly to anywhere else in the world (except New Zealand). If you buy the PDF (either on itch or gumroad) I'll give you a 50% discount on the zine if you later decide you want one.

Gallimaufry is a collection of 36 magic items written for Troika!. There's a few other odds and ends to fill out the physical zine: six adventure hooks including the items, and a game procedure adapted from Whitehack.

Click the "Run Zine" button above to view the items in HTML — the download file is simply the source text as a zip archive.

Gallimaufry's text will always be free to read and remix, but $6 nets you a nice illustrated PDF, featuring some excellent original illustrations by Anna Aphelion. Funding the zine makes it more likely I will do a followup.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagscc-by, magic-items, Troika, zine


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I'm adding Orpheus Mirror, Starsnuff, Zinn's Annulus, Bootstrapping Boots, Seaglass Amulet and Iron Rose to "Finders Keepers" immediately!

yesss, roll them into the katamari

if you liked the Iron Rose, you might be interested in the blog post that it originally appeared in (along with the Moon Stone)? If there's any other items from that blog post that strike your fancy, I can prioritise their conversion.

Wow, these are superb! Once again, adding a whole bunch of these on, especially the Cowrie Shells. Mechanics rarely make it past the filter of getting into Finders, just the raw essence and inspiration, of which these all have loads

Thank you!

I'm having fun converting some of them (the cowrie shells are definitely a priority).

I feel their original expression was harmed by trying to shoehorn the mechanics into the role of "attack cantrips", so it's great to have an opportunity to give their in-world fiction a second chance.