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10 keyed rooms, 11 strange lichens, salt poppets, magic bat guano, 3 other magic items, cassowary skulls, and a sea witch who wants her father back by any means necessary.

With cartography by Pat Eyler ( @mountain_foot, patreon) and internal art by Anna Aphelion (portfolio). Invaluable editing feedback was given by Michael Lombardi (@barbariankb).

This dungeon makes some references to mechanics such as saving throws and spell slots, but is otherwise system-neutral. It assumes an OSR playstyle. Not every monster is to be fought. Challenges are to be overcome via player creativity and cunning. There is no assumed story outcome, only a precarious situation for the player characters to destabilise.

The HTML file (which is zipped) has internal bookmarking and is hopefully intelligible by people using a screen reader. The text describes room interconnectivity sufficiently for play without a map, though one is provided.

If you use a screen reader and believe this can be improved, I would love to know how!

The pdf has two versions: one for screen use with the pages in order, and one for printing on A4 paper and folding into a booklet. Internal hyperlinking still works. Apologies for the cramped map. For screen use, I still think the html file is better. I'll work on an A4/Letter-sized version of the map. It won't hyperlink to each room keys like the pdf or html map, but that doesn't matter in dead-tree format, of course.

A set of six pregenerated characters, also usable as hirelings, is also forthcoming.

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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