tl;dr: you can click the "Run Game" button to read six backgrounds for free, or pay $2 to get nicely laid out versions of the two that were my original entry to the gamejam.

Tarot-Sized Troika! Backgrounds was my entry into #troikatarotjam. The backgrounds are suitable for suitable for printing and sleeving with tarot cards. These sleeves are a suitable size. Those backgrounds are:

  • Clockwork Axedancer
  • Lacklustre Precognitive

The other four backgrounds, added after the jam ended, generally won't fit on tarot cards, and can be read in your browser by clicking the "Run Game" button above. They are:

  • Blue Mage
  • Charles Atlas Moth
  • Psionicist
  • Riven Spirit

This is an independent production by Glaucus Hauriant and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.

You are free to share and adapt this material for any purpose, including commercially, as long as you give attribution. All text is by Harrison Swift. See the downloadable card files for details of the images used.

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