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In this game, you play abandoned, lost, or broken toys. Toys can come to life, but humans don't know this. Go on adventures, be kind to your fellow toys, and try to stave off existential despair.

Written for #WSCAJam.

This game is based on What's So Cool About Outer Space by Jared Sinclair.

While the Toy Story films are an obvious influence, so are my vague childhood memories of The Brave Little Toaster on VHS. I remain terrified of junkyard car crushers to this day.

The Victoria & Albert Museum's Childhood Collection was a great source of inspiration. Pumpie the Elephant is a real toy!

The cover image uses a stock photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko, available on Unsplash.

To all my mistreated toys, I am sorry.

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